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FixitFixitFixit Computer Repair

We provide Computer Repair, Networking and Troubleshooting services to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area. 

If you need it fixed the first time, we can fixitfixitfixit.

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We Come To You

We try to diagnose and fix most issues at the clients location. If we can't then we fix them at our office.


Don't know what's wrong with your computer? We will find the problems and fix them.

Tune Up

We remove unneeded files and programs
and Identify the cause of error messages and fix them.

Malware Removal

Is your computer running slow, freezing, working erratic or getting pop ups? We can handle all malware virus situations.


We can diagnose and configuring a Wired/Wireless networks. Setup routers and wireless access points.


Adding memory, upgrading the processor, installing a CD/DVD burner. Upgrading of hardware and software.


No business should be without a website and no great idea should be without a mobile app.

Web Development


We will make sure your website not only looks great but also works great on mobile and desktop platforms.


No one stays on a slow site, We create sites with speed in mind so that your customers stay.


Good Search Engine Optimization ensures that when people search for services your site is what they see.


We use best practices when creating a site to ensure your site is safe and freindly for all.

Brand Strategy

Your site should reflect your brand or service and we make sure that your site represents you.

Social Media

In todays age having a proper social media presence is key to exposing new customers to your service.

Mobile App Development

User Interface

A good app interface should look and feel natural. It should be simple and robust at the same time.


As soon as a user clicks they should receive a response, A slow clunky app is noticable and not desired.

Market Place

Your App should have a noticable market presence on the app store. It should stand out in the crowd.

Form & Function

When form meets function a great app is born. Your app should not only feel good but perform just as good.

Sticky Factor

All Apps strive for whats called a sticky factor, It's that special something that people just can't stop using.

Revenue Generation

Admob Ads can help you generate massive revenue through the use of in app ads.

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Some of our recent projects


Web Design and Development

Comics Experiment

Android Podcast App

Twitch Streamer

Custom RTMP Transcode Server


Made Website Responsive


CSS Fixes


Web Design and Development

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We typically work through appointments only and come to your location to do an initial review of the problem.

Hands on computer repairs are typically done onsite, If the computer can't be repaired onsite then with Customer approval I will take the computer to my office, complete the necessary repairs and return it to the clients location.